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Hand Operated Piston PumpsWe are the introduce our self FEC (World Class Equipments) Group of company  as the leading manufacturer of Lubrication Systems.

We have a team of highly professional Engineers and technical persons they are working more then two decade of this field which delivers predetermined quantity of oil to various lubrication points of a machines at preset time intervals. It is products of careful study and detailed analysis of present needs of lubrication system.

We at LUBDROP™ PRODUCTS are committed to a quality product with wide flexibility for user to implement a suitable system.

LUBDROP™ Centralised Lubrication System consists of highly efficient positive displacement pump driven by FHP motor, relief valve, pressure switch, pressure gauge, float switch & level gauge or as per customer specification. These are offered in various different models. To safeguard the system from overloading a relief valve is provided in the line. By adjusting the relief valve, the line pressure can be set to the required value. The line pressure can be read on the pressure gauge provided on the unit. The lubrication unit is designed for intermittent operations. The frequency of operation of the pump is controlled through the electronic controller. If there is any fault in the system like choking of filter, low oil level, leakage and motor or pump failure, the lubricating point won’t be lubricated. A pressure switch is provided to indicate such a situation. The switch is operated by oil pressure. In case, due to some fault the pressure doesn’t exceed the preset pressure, the switch will not be operated and there will be an indication on the panel of electronic controller. To sense the oil level condition in the tank, a float switch is provided. It gives an indication when the level of oil in the tank drops below the safe level. Each time when the unit is switched on the metering cartridge discharge the predetermined quantity of lubricating oil at the lubricating point. The motorised unit with high performance controller which automatically controls and monitors the working of the lubricating pump. The unit facilitates precise control over the frequency of the oil dosages and also monitors the oil level. In case of low oil level in the reservoir, unit stops automatically with an indication on the panel.

LUBDROP™ SYSTEMS For customer base ranges across

Iron & Steel Industry Automobile Industry
Mining Industry Textile Industry
Defense Factories Tyre Industry
PSU Units Batch Mixing Industry
Railways Unit Food Processing Industry
Sugar Industry Machine Tools
Cement Industry Power Presses
Conveyors Industry Injection molding Machines
Material Handling Equipments Paper Mill
Printing Machines Packaging Machine

LUBDROP™ SYSTEMS For Installation Centralized Lubrication Systems in all types of Industrial machines & Plants. A representative list of industries is mention below

M/C Tools Special purpose Machine
Textile Machine Cable Machine
Rolling Mill Forging Hammer
Paper Plant Sugar Plant
Power Presser Printing Machine
Plastic Processing M/C Packaging M/C
Die Casting Sheet Metal Works
Shearing & Brake Presses Pharmaceutical Machine
Conveyors Food Processing
Rubber Processing Cement Industries